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RS range of digital video recorders from Dedicated Micros

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Effective stock management equals greater profits and retailers are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency.

The retail solutions range of Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) from Dedicated Micros can make a real difference to one’s bottom line by detecting and deterring theft on both sides of the counter.

From convenience stores to nation-wide supermarket chains, Dedicated Micros has an RS unit to suit user’s retail application and budget.

  • Records and associates POS transaction data with video simplifying fraud detection
  • Powerful data search and date/time GOTO facilities, rapid review of dubious transactions
  • Crystal clear digital image quality, identify suspects easily
  • No tapes to change and manage up to 4 months hard disk recording
  • Straightforward install causing minimal disruption to one’s business
  • Intuitive and easy to use, keep staff training costs to a minimum

POS monitoring:

Due to the nature of retail business many occurrences of theft are internal. Every day retailers' profit margins suffer from various forms of stock and cash shrinkage.

By capturing details of cash register transactions and associating them with the relevant CCTV footage, the RS range lets user track activity at every one of the cash registers virtually eliminating sweet-hearting, no-sales, under-rings, and other forms of register theft that are notoriously difficult to catch.

The facility to keyword match allows RS systems to be programmed to respond to a number of user-defined keywords, such as void or refund, generating an event every time they appear.

The unit may also be configured to increase record rates, raise an alarm and create an event log each time a keyword response is triggered.

Based on BX2 RS model 1.2TB hard disk capacity at factory default settings of 6pps at 18KB file size

Transaction text search:

Transaction data stored on the DVR's hard disk may also be interrogated; for example the user may want to check all purchases of a certain brand of whisky over a ten-day period.

The user can set up text search parameters quickly and easily from the RS unit itself or remotely via password protected PC viewing software.

And of course you can search and playback live or recorded images all at the same time without affecting hard-disk recording.

Fully flexible display:

Unlike ordinary analogue retail systems RS units do not risk obscuring footage by burning transaction data onto the image permanently.

The text can be disabled at any time, but regardless of what the user see on the monitor, the unit records every element of the transaction so it may be referred to at a later date.

An extra pair of eyes:

It is an unfortunate fact that as one’s business starts to grow, so to can their problems with customer theft.

High footfall can often keep staff members too busy to be on the constant look out for potential shoplifters.

An RS digital recording solution from Dedicated Micros will provide user with an extra set of eyes to help pick up on incidences of theft that may otherwise go unnoticed and un-apprehended.

A visible deterrent:

All DVRs in the retail solutions range have the facility for a professional live monitor display which act as an ideal deterrent to any suspected staff pilfering and would be shoplifters.

A live monitor display also helps to reassure that customers and employees of a safe secure environment.

Hidden cameras:

Of course one may not always want to let members of staff know that they are keeping an eye on them.

The retail solutions range offers the option to train hidden cameras on black spots keeping an eye out for any suspect activity and putting a stop to theft.

Remote viewing:

Perhaps when one wants to view their premises out of opening hours or as an area manager with responsibility for a number of outlets that one would simply like to keep an eye on day-to-day operations.

Dedicated Micros RS products not only afford one a comprehensive security, but also provide them with a management tool that allows them to pinpoint areas where improvements can be made in service and quality helping them to increase productivity and lower costs.

User can even remotely take control of a dome camera to focus in on areas of interest. Up to five e-mail addresses can be alerted on alarm.

An alarm image, together with the associated transaction data is sent with a connection to the network viewer application for automatic playback of the event.

Liability claims:

Beyond security benefits CCTV can also help to decrease liability issues and customer complaints. For example, one may use the system as a training tool to better equip their staff to handle a variety of customer complaint situations.

Slip and fall claims can also be verified in seconds via powerful goto date and time facilities, helping to quickly end potentially costly customer liability claims.

Records abusive customers:

Sometimes pictures do not tell the whole story. All products in the RS range include the facility to record audio along with the video images allowing user to identify and bar abusive customers.

Evidential quality:

All information recorded, including the audio, images and transaction data, are stored digitally on the RS unit's hard disk. Each element is digitally signed with the date, time and ID of the unit it was recorded on.

Digitally signed images can be copied to a DVD. Each DVD created includes playback software that will simply auto-run on user’s PC, so there is no need to worry about investing in any additional playback equipment.

Unrivalled range of register and EPOS terminal support:

RS systems are compatible with over 300 cash registers and EPOS terminals from popular manufacturers with new interface units being added all the time.

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