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Dedicated Micros provides CCTV solutions for Law Enforcement Sector

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CCTV in all of its guises has become a valuable resource for law enforcement agencies across the globe.
Typically this involves accessing images from CCTV systems operated by external organisations such as local authorities, retailers and sports stadia to assist in deterring crime and facilitating prosecutions.

There is also however a growing trend for the police to adopt their own tailored CCTV solutions to assist in the conduct of specific duties, notably CCTV systems fitted-in police patrol cars for traffic control/enforcement and mobile units for crowd control at major events such as music festivals.

Mobile solutions

Since its launch, the multi-camera TransVu digital video recorder has generated considerable interest amongst law enforcement officers, when fitted to a police vehicle this can take inputs from up to eight internal and external CCTV cameras, with officers pressing a button to activate the video recording system when suspicious activity is detected.

The capability of multi-channel audio recording provided by this digital video recorder can also be used to store relevant voice information and associated images from multiple points, especially useful when reviewing specific incidents for potential prosecution.

In the case of large scale events, images from mobile CCTV units can also be fed back to control centres DM technology such as the tried and trusted Digital Sprite 2 digital video recorder (DVR), the famous
Glastonbury festival being a case in point.

The multi-camera TransVu digital video recorder is available from Dedicated Micros.

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