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Dedicated Micros provides CCTV solutions for Hotel and Leisure Sector

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Hotels present a diverse challenge when it comes to security, with large inviting reception areas easily accessible to the public, on-site car parking, goods entrances, multiple floors, lengthy hallways, bars and restaurants and, increasingly, convention facilities.

The comforting area of a hotel reception may, for instance, seem friendly and safe but this also tends to be the place where crime takes place, guests failing to appreciate the real level of risk until the something happens and someone walks off with their laptop. Given these testing conditions, many hotels and other leisure operations, from nightclubs to tourist attractions, are turning to the new CCTVsolutions to keep their staff and customers safe and secure.

Digital dimensions

With capabilities of digital video recorders and servers fast outstripping the potential of older analogue CCTV solutions, now more than ever security managers are looking long and hard at their existing, conventional CCTV systems and judging them against the benefits that could be gained by selecting the new Video over IP solutions to support security and management functions.

Dedicated Micros’ new digital video server the award-winning DV-IP can be easily integrated into a hotel or leisure development's existing IT network, reducing the cabling time, cost and complexity of a comprehensive CCTV solution. An establishment's Local Area Network can then be used as the video transmission medium, rapidly distributing video and audio to PC desktop on demand as well as, if required, to a centralised control room.

Such Video over IP solutions can also be readily expanded to cope with new security challenges and frequent changes to the hotel/leisure environment if rooms or new attraction are added. In practice, where more cameras are required, it is simply a question of slotting in additional video servers at appropriate points on a network to receive images. Digital video servers can also be integrated with other measures such as access control for staff.

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