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Dedicated Micros’ networking systems contributes to the gaming sector

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CCTV surveillance has become an essential component of gaming industry operations, in fact in many jurisdictions it is a prerequisite for a gaming licence.

The demands on casino security managers are considerable, having to ensure that the casino's assets, staff and patrons are safe and secure in a fast moving, frenetic environment.

There is also the necessity to keep a close eye on gaming tables and slot machines to resolve potential disputes with customers and where necessary, to allow regulators to see that the casino is operating in an impartial manner.

Given the scale of the CCTV systems required in many of today's mega casinos which include hotel, restaurant and even shopping areas, the number of cameras can total more than a thousand operators are keen to embrace new digital CCTV technology, to maximise the responsiveness and flexibility of these business-critical surveillance solutions.

Dedicated Micros is heading the way with digital video recorders and servers, including the award-winning DV-IP systems.

No longer do casinos have to face the prospect of running expensive coax cables from each camera back to a conventional VCR, having to change hundreds of tapes every day or manually reviewing numerous tapes to locate recorded events.

Flexible, scalable solutions:

The benefits for casinos of moving from analogue to digital are wide ranging. The new digital video servers can be integrated into a casino's existing IT network dramatically reducing cabling time, cost and complexity.

The local area network can then be used as the video transmission medium, rapidly distributing video and audio to PC desktop on demand as well as to a centralised control room.

Such video over IP solutions can also be readily expanded to cope with new security challenges and frequent changes to casino floor plans, additional video servers simply being slotted in at appropriate points on a network to receive images from additional cameras.

There is even the ability to integrate digital video servers with other measures such as access control for staff and to tag specific events such as door openings, tampers and jackpots to time logged images.

Incidents can then be stored, conveniently, in a powerful event database for future review by casino management.

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