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Dedicated Micros launches Dennard 2025 LED illuminator

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Dedicated Micros, the global leader in digital video recorders (DVRs) for the security industry has launched the Dennard 2025, a powerful, robust infra-red Light Emitting Diode (LED) illuminator that offers an economical, low maintenance and energy-friendly alternative to white flood lighting for CCTV surveillance security systems.

The Dennard 2025 provides discrete illumination for most CCTV cameras. The Dennard 2025 can give comprehensive coverage for large areas, reaching up to 160 metres from the source at the nominal beam width of 30 degrees. The maximum beam width is 70 degrees at close range, and four power settings ensure that the effective distance of the illuminator can be tailored to individual site conditions.

The rugged design features a high impact, polycarbonate front sheet to withstand attack by vandals. The LEDs have a typical life expectancy in excess of five years, eliminating the high cost of regular maintenance required of halogen-based CCTV illuminators, and the unit comes with lightning protection as standard. It is also water and dust resistant to IP66.

The Dennard 2025 CCTV illuminator directly addresses emerging environmental concerns over excessive energy consumption and light pollution. The LED wavelength of 850nm adopted for the 2025 means that only a faint glow will actually be visible to the naked eye, making CCTV more acceptable than white flood lighting in local communities.

In a recent article published on the University of NSW website, Professor Warrick Couch, Head of the School of Physics has said that many city dwellers do not realise what they are missing out on as a result of the light pollution that increasingly floods our evening skies. It is getting so bad that people can only see a tiny fraction of all those wonderful constellations, the great sweeping arc of the milky wsay and the celestial fireworks of meteors.

According to Professor Couch, light pollution is also symptomatic of heavy use of energy, which involves a lot of waste.

The Dennard 2025 CCTV infrared illuminator consumes only 120 Watts, less than one third the energy of its predecessors and similar incandescent based IR illuminators, and less than one tenth that of halogen based white floodlighting.

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