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Green house consultations from Decora Carbon

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Decora Carbon  is an energy, water and environmental consultant for industries, business organisations and the government. It also deals with minimising and reducing the exposure and risk to carbon.

The team from Decora Carbon assists with legislation and compliance, environmental management plans and also in obtaining external funding support from various subsidies.

Decora Carbon reduces the emission of green house gases and reduces the risk of a carbon constrained economy. Carbon footprint is determined by Decora Carbon and it reduces the emissions of green house gas by improving the efficiency of energy. Decora Carbon also assists businesses with life cycle assessment, life cycle inventory and emissions monitoring plan.

Life cycle inventory calculates the greenhouse gas in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent that is emitted from industrial and unit processes, plant and transport vehicles, space heating and air-conditioning systems, gas, fuel and electricity, waste treatment and disposal and from other resources.

The life cycle assessment report from Decora Carbon explains the methodology that is used in compiling the inventory, the procedures and calculations used and it also discusses the accuracy of the data. The emissions monitoring plan explains the business systems and processes and it details the steps required to improve the accuracy of data, assessment and inventory. . Decora Carbon also assists in purchasing a carbon offset that is suitable for business needs.

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