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De Zon offers flexible water tanks

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De Zon  is specialist in offering quality and flexible water tanks which are used for chemical solutions, storing fuel and grey water. Flexible water tanks from De Zon are strong and durable tanks.

The water tanks from De Zon can be located in verandas and outbuilding areas where they will be hidden from view. Flexible bladder tanks can even be installed on a bed of clean level sand.

Flexible water tanks are manufactured from high quality reinforced PVC material and has algae resistance and ultraviolet protection properties. All tanks are pressure tested for quality before delivery. Water tanks are available in 350 litre, 1,000 litre, 2,500 litre, and 5,000 litre sizes.

De Zon also supplies rigid tanks and cylindrical tanks. Rigid tanks can take up a lot of space while cylindrical tanks have to be supported in a frame to stop them from rolling. However, flexible water tanks which have been in use for more than 2 decades are used to store various chemical solutions.

For installing flexible water tanks, a number of materials are required such as leaf screen, mesh, downpipe, rails, deck, tee, flexible hose, bladder tank, BSP outlet valve and existing storm water for overflow.

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