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Toggle, forged steel and G clamps from Dawn Tools & Vices

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Dawn Tools & Vices  also offers a wide range of clamps including toggle clamps, plastic clamps, forged steel clamps, G clamps, dawn clamps, quick action clamps.

Toggle clamps from Dawn Tools & Vices are available in various types including Dawn vertical handle, Dawn angular solid handle, Dawn plunger type etc. Dawn vertical handle is u shaped. This vertical toggle clamp allows lateral adjustment of the hold down spindles.

U shaped vertical handle has a bolt retainer which can be welded on to the holding bar from any angle. ‘T’ handles are shorter and are ideal for restricted space conditions. These handles can also be fitted with a plastic safety grip.

Forged steel clamps from Dawn Tools & Vices come with Tommy bar handles. These handles are tested for strength and exert pressure up to 7000 N. Forged steel clamps are hardened, are treated with steel bar and are plated using zinc. These also have acme threaded black oxide spindle. This forged steel clamp is ideal for engineering and welding applications.

Dawn Tools & Vices offers G clamps which are unbreakable and are cast in ductile iron material. It is durable and has high strength due to the presence of high ribbed frames. These G clamps consist of a zinc plated Whitworth threaded screw having swivel button. The swivel button helps users to apply pressure on angular work pieces. G clamps are ideal for metal and wood working.

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