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Engineers’ vices-cast from Dawn Tools & Vices

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Dawn Tools & Vices  specialises in manufacturing and designing a wide range of clamps, vices, pry bars and other associated tools for the clamping, gripping and hand tool sectors. Dawn tools are designed and crafted using the applications of sound engineering practice.

Vices from Dawn Tools & Vices includes Engineers’ vices-cast, Engineers’ offset vices-cast, Fabricated Engineers’ vices, Stainless steel fabricated vices, Fabricated Engineers’ vices-I range, forged steel vices, woodworking vices, machine press vices, pipe vices, vice jaws and so on.

Engineers’ vices-cast from Dawn Tools & Vices are ideal for use in garages and workshops. Engineers’ vices-cast are made from high strength cast iron body and slide is produced by an automated material. These body and slide machines are ideal for smooth operation.

A nut which gives long service without wear is housed in the body of the machine. These nuts can also be detached and can be replaced when required. The handles and screws of Engineers’ vices-cast are resistant to corrosion. The Acme thread ensures long life and positive action.

The deflector present in the Engineers’ vices-cast keeps away from moving parts and reduces wear. Non flat objects can be held to vertical notch and the case hardened steel jaws offer grip to the Engineers’ vices-cast from Dawn Tools & Vices.

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