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Roloid Gear Pumps from David Brown Australia

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  The David Brown roloid gear pump from David Brown Gear Industries  is robust, compact and versatile. It is easy to install, reliable and requires little maintenance in service.
The pump design and product range have matured over the years and these in combination with the David Brown manufacturing excellence represents an economic and reliable solution to the lubrication and fluid transportation needs of Australia. Roloid gear pumps are suitable for pumping a wide variety of liquids which have certain lubricating properties. David Brown's system engineers are available to assist customers in choosing the right pump along with the installation design. Taking adequate care of filtration and pipework will ensure that the pump is put successfully to work in applications such as:

  • Lubrication of engines, compressors, gearboxes, rolling mills, machine tools, processing plants, pumping sets and turbines, and
  • Transportation of engine fuel oils, open circuit servo, quenching, cutting and cooling fluids, oil/water emulsions, animal fats and viscose.

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