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Helical inline geared motors and reducers

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DAVID Brown Engineering has upgraded its Series M range of helical inline geared motors and reducers to provide what it claims is the industry's most versatile, cost effective and user friendly drive solution.

Available from David Brown Gear Industries , the range is designed to provide an extremely efficient and compact drive solution for a wide variety of users.

The Series M geared motors can meet most requirements up to 90kW or 120hp with maximum output torque capacity of 11,000Nm (97,350lb/in).

Twelve unit sizes give a ratio coverage of 1.2:1 to 12,000:1 in single, double, triple and combined reduction formats, and innovative modular construction maximises product availability.

The key element is the unique Radicon motor connection which offers the option of fitting any standard electric motor. The patented motor adapter system means the range accepts all sizes of standard NEMA and IEC flange mounted electric motors without the need for expensive modifications or interface connectors.

This flexibility means the original motor and any replacements may be sourced at very competitive prices from a wide range of suppliers or distributors, and reduces downtime and cost at plant level.

Customers can also fit standard motors in all types (ac, dc, single phase, energy efficient, washdown, explosion proof, etc.) without incurring the high costs traditionally associated with gearboxes designed to accept special motor flange and shaft interfaces.

All units are dimensionally interchangeable with many major manufacturers.

Innovative modular construction of the Series M geared motors is designed to maximise product availability for customers while at the same time reducing manufacturing and repair costs.

The introduction of a revolutionary modular kit design for the Series M means subassemblies are produced, packed and stored individually and as orders are received the kits required to meet customer's gear unit specification are taken from stock and assembled in a short time for shipment.

A small number of kits are required for use throughout the family of products, reducing inventory costs and optimising availability. This modular kit system offers advantages to distributors and stockists by reducing their inventory and maximising availability for end users.

It has been proven that a 90 per cent reduction in inventory spares cost can be achieved by stocking Series M in kit form, allowing instant replacement and reducing expensive down time to a minimum.

The Series M units also offer the ability to fit double oil seals on the input or output shaft as required, and smaller sizes are lubricated for life.

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