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Twin impeller 5 series firefighter - performance where it counts

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article image Davey Firefighter 5 Series Twin Impeller pump with a Honda 5.5 hp petrol engine.

DAVEY Water Products has extended its new 5 Series Firefighter range of engine powered portable pump sets to include new Twin Impeller models from 5.5hp through to 13hp.

The new Twin 5 Series Firefighter models incorporate the unique features introduced in the single impeller models, which make installation, operation and maintenance easier, quicker and dependable.

The new features deliver almost a 50% increase in the maximum flow for firefighting, water transfer, spraying or irrigation applications from the firefighter petrol engine and pump combination, which has been the market leader in Australia for many years.

The 5 Series Davey Firefighter comes with a choice of Briggs & Stratton or Honda petrol engines, typically with ratings from 5.5hp to 13hp, or diesel versions, powered by 7hp or 10hp Yanmar engines.

The new pump sets are easier to use with better self priming, more hose outlets and more durability through highly engineered and specially coated internal surfaces, a thrust balanced design to extend engine life and patented clamped impellers.

Other features include a new pump inlet with a choice of suction inlet sizes, from a standard 1.5” BSP inlet up to 2” for larger horsepower models.

The larger priming and drain ports make it quicker and easier to fill and empty the pump.

Bayonet style priming and drain plugs require only a half turn by hand to release, with the plugs safely retained by a special system.

The Davey Firefighter has a new carry handle, which is conveniently positioned and evenly balanced without compromising on strength.

The new four way discharge is standard on 5.5hp through to 7hp models, providing 2” x 1.5” and 2” x 1” hose outlets.

Larger hp models feature the new three way outlet with one 2” and two 1” outlets, plus a 1.5” priming port, which can also be used as an outlet.

Improvements in the pump internals include dual floating neck rings coupled with a new thrust balance drum, which reduces the axial thrust, common to centrifugal pumps, down to less than one quarter of the engine manufacturers' specification.

Davey's new patented clamped impeller design, which achieves the increased pumping performance that also can be easily and quickly disassembled, to remove any accidental obstructions resulting from pumping poor quality water.

The new 5 Series Firefighter also uses a high quality powder coat finish on both internal and external surfaces of the pump body, extending the life of a proven Davey product.

Independent performance tests have confirmed the new 5 Series Firefighter models have significantly higher performance with 'best in class' higher flows, heads and suction lift compared to other engine powered pump sets.

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