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New generation spa bath pump

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article image The Celsior spa bath pump.

DAVEY Products , a manufacturer of water pumps and household pressure systems, has completed a major three year development with the release of its latest product - Celsior.

Celsior’s initial application will be as a spa bath pump where its unique design features will provide significant benefits to the spa bath manufacturers and end users alike.

These features include:

* Water cooled motor - through reduced vibration and the dampening effect of the water jacket surrounding the motor, the noise output has been reduced to half the output of its predecessor making Celsior extremely quiet which provides a more enjoyable spa experience.

* Greater water flows - improved water cooling allows Celsior to move approximately thirty per cent more water than an air-cooled motor of the same size. This greater water flow and increased pressure enlivens the spa for a complete massaging effect.

* Heat recovery - by utilising waste energy the temperature of the spa can be maintained for longer than traditional style spa pumps allow. Environmentally friendly and highly efficient with up to 97% effective energy usage helps lower running costs by up to 15%.

* Design - the Davey Flexibrax fixing bracket along with a high IP rating enclosure allows quick and easy installation of Celsior outdoors without the need for separate mounting brackets or covers. Its ultra-low profile also allows installation into confined, non-vented spaces often associated with under spa bath situations.

Davey product manager Max Grindon-Ekins said three internationally patented features relating to the impeller, floating neck ring and enclosed motor water jacket design enabled improved hydraulic performance as well as manufacturing efficiency.

The Davey Celsior design has already attracted significant interest and orders have been placed from Davey's domestic customer base.

In addition to the domestic market, export interest has been shown which highlights the export potential of this new design.

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