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Firefighter engine-powered pump range

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THE larger engine capacity pumps in the Davey Firefighter engine powered pump range are proving a very attractive choice for larger property owners for fire protection and general water transfer applications.

The larger sized engine driven self priming pumps - the Firefighter single impeller or Firefighter Plus Twin impeller range - typically fitted with either Briggs & Stratton or Honda engines of 7 to10kW (9hp or 13hp) capacity, can move much larger volumes of water, typically up to 900L a minute against a higher head.

Typical features of the pump include multiple hose outlets, typically four discharges, with larger suction inlets including 1.5” or 2” BSP fittings on the larger engine capacity models.

Ease of handling is also maintained by a conveniently position central grip handle.

The new 5 Series Firefighter range incorporates a thrust balance drum and pressure equalisation holes in the impeller significantly extending engine life, particularly when pumps are run at higher pressures.

Davey's patented clamped impeller can be easily dismantled for cleaning if accidental obstructions occur, typically from pumping from poor quality water resources.

The entire pump casing and impeller is subject to a high quality internal and external finish, including a high quality powder coat finish.

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