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Davey Products introduces heavy duty submersible dewatering pumps

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Davey Products  has launched a new addition to its wide range of pumping and water transfer equipment designated as the heavy duty Sump Pump range of submersible dewatering pumps.

Davey Products offers single phase motors up to 1.5kW and three phase electric motors up to 7.5kW in power. They are held ex-stock, although three phase versions up to 22 kW will be able to be built to order.

The new heavy duty products are designed for the building, mining, industrial, sewage and agricultural waste product sectors and come under five separate product categories:

  • Submersible sand and slurry drainage pumps
  • Grinder pumps
  • Sewage or single channel pumps with and without cutters
  • Dewatering pumps
  • Vortex or solids handling pumps

Typical features include optional slide rails for easy installation and removal, top or side discharge outlets depending on model and a provision for lifting rings for rope suspension or submergence in the liquid material, which can contain up to 70% solids depending on model.

In each instance the five Sump Pump series pump ranges employ heavy duty construction especially in the materials chosen for the shafts, impellers, agitators, bearings and external bodies.

Minimum materials of construction include 300 series stainless steels, hard faced silicon carbide mechanical seals in oil baths and high quality cast iron.

Some models offer heavy duty chrome steel parts, especially in wearing items or the option of cast 316 stainless steel construction.

The additional heavy duty KZ/N range feature wear resistant chrome steel and especially hardened materials recognising that these pumps will be subjected to demanding operating environments.

The KZ/N units also feature heavy duty inlet agitators and are eminently suitable for pumping sand or slurry materials. The design of the pumps also allows them to be safely run in shallow depths of liquid materials.

Ashley White, Davey Products’ Market Manager for the range said that the five model choices help extend the already well known Davey Sump Pump range.

“We are confident; we have a Davey product solution for most sump pump applications. In developing this new range Davey Products has recognised that these pumps will be subject to tough pumping duties and users have to depend on these pumps having a long service life.

“Even though they are manufactured from tough heavy duty materials, because of their applications some wear should be expected. Ease of servicing is therefore very important as well.

“The major moving components such as impellers, seals, agitators and wear plates can be easily replaced,” said Ashley White.

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