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Backyard rainwater tank electric pumps

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article image Top of the range Davey Silver Service electric pressure system.

AN increasing number of homeowners are installing rainwater tanks to supplement their mains supply.

With authorities in a number of States now requiring rainwater collection and storage, there are opportunities to use the stored supply for washing vehicles, garden watering, laundry, toilet flushing, pool and spa filling, and similar tasks.

Recognising this demand for water pumping rather than gravitational flows, Davey Water Products has introduced three new electric pressure systems that are able to meet these needs right up to a fully automated garden irrigation system.

The new Davey Silver Series range has three models from a simple manual water transfer pump which connects with a three pin plug to a standard power outlet and can be switched on an off as needed.

The intermediate model has automatic features and will start and stop according to pressure demand.

Additional features are a 2-litre capacity pressure tank and the unique Davey designed LOP pressure switch.

This model includes partial closed head protection and low pressure cut out to provide loss of prime (no-water supply) protection.

The third model also connects to a standard power outlet and will stop and start according to flow demands.

It also features anti-cycling controls making it less likely to stop and start under low flow conditions as well as closed head and loss of prime protection.

According to Davey product manager Ashley White, market research together with Davey's extensive involvement with rain water system suppliers, showed there was significant demand for a range of relatively simple and inexpensive pumps which could be used in combination with a household tank.

"We developed a list of features and several prototypes which could complement our own Davey Australian-made pumps,” he said.

“We made sure the electric motor, bearings, mechanical seal and capacitor all met or exceeded our own very high standards, which allow the new models to handle ambient exposed temperatures of up to 50 degrees C and to handle mains voltage variations of up to ten percent.

"The resulting Davey Silver Series three model range of rain water pressure pumps is robust, reliable and inexpensive and specially designed and manufactured for the task.”

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