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AquashieldMax automatic water treatment package from Davey Water Products

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Davey Water Products  have launched the AquashieldMax, an automatic water treatment package for the pressure boosting and disinfection of rainwater, where conserved and stored rainwater is intended for use as potable drinking water.

The typical applications in rural areas include domestic households, schools, commercial toilet flushing, public buildings and accommodation facilities such as motels, guest houses or bed and breakfast venues, and in a situations where there is a need to ensure that rainwater is safe for drinking and free of contaminants.

Davey Water Products’ Aquashield Max is also suitable for bacteria and algal control for aquaculture projects or water features, and for treating bore or surface water supply sources.

The Aquashield Max, a fully engineered and ready-to-install package, is a three stage process to treat micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria and parasitic cysts usually resulting from contamination caused from bird or animal droppings.
The Aquashield Max performs a series of steps from 20 micron to 1 micron filtration and Ultra Violet disinfection. The three treatment stages employ two Filterpure cartridge filtration stages and exposure to UV light at 254 nanometres in a Steriflo UV chamber, which damages the DNA of contaminants.

Fitted within a heavy duty self-contained plastic housing, the unit employs flexible plumbing and connection options with internal water works that use braided stainless steel hoses. Designed and built as a plug-and-play package with high flow rates and low friction losses, with a connection to a 240v plug.

The Aquashield Max unit delivers treated water at flows of up to 70 litres per minute and pressures of up to 850kPa to meet the needs of a large multi-bathroom dwelling, or large toilet block.

Aquashield Max is supplied with either a Davey Torrium intelligent adaptive pump controller or a RainBank Mark II controller. The RainBank Mark II is used where rainwater must be backed up with a main water source in a metropolitan application.

The controllers are interlocked with the UV, so that untreated rainwater is not delivered without a warning. The Aquashield Max provides a simple package to ensure rainwater is delivered with maximum quality, convenience and safety. It also involves low lifecycle treatment costs.

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