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Why Acetal is one of the best thermoplastics in strength and application

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Acetal is a plastic polymer of formaldehyde, correctly called PolyOxyMethylenes (POM). One of the strongest and stiffest thermoplastics, the Acetal polymer (POM) class was first introduced in 1956 and finds use in important applications due to the material’s excellent characteristics including machinability.

Characterised by excellent fatigue life and dimensional stability, Acetal also boasts properties such as low friction co-efficient, low moisture sensitivity, high resistance to solvents and chemicals, good electrical properties and high heat resistance for extended use.

There are two basic types of Acetal plastic: Homopolymer POM (H) and Copolymer POM (C). Acetal Copolymer is the standard general purpose grade offered by Datco Industries, is porosity free and is the preferred Acetal for food contact and medical applications. The Acetal Homopolymer offers slightly higher mechanical properties but may contain a low density core and is more suited to thin wall bushes.

Acetal finds application in the replacement of metals where the higher strength of metals is not required and costly finish and assembly operations can be eliminated. Typical parts include gears, rollers, bushes and bearings, conveyor components, food processing components, and pump parts.

Datco Industries can supply custom machined parts in Acetal in quantities of 10 – 10,000 or more.

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