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Datco Supplies PTFE Parts at Competitive Prices

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Datco Industries  supplies machined or stock shapes in PTFE at competitive prices to a wide range of industries.  

Possessing the lowest co-efficient of friction among engineering plastics, PTFE, commonly known as Teflon also offers excellent chemical resistance and electrical properties.  

PTFE typically finds application in the manufacture of seals, gaskets, piston rings and electrical insulators.

Key advantages of PTFE: 

  • Can be easily machined
  • Good thermal expansion and chemical resistance characteristics
  • Can operate continuously at 260ºC in harsh conditions
  • Will not degrade when exposed to long-term sunlight
  • Hydrophobic material; will not get wet by water or water-containing agents
  • Superior non-stick properties

Datco’s extensive machining capabilities enable the company to supply PTFE parts to several industries. Datco can also supply stock shapes of rods, sheets or cylinders to in-house machining shops.

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