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SCADA and web enabled data logger

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article image The DT80 for all data acquisition needs.

BOASTING Modbus and web enabled features, Datataker's DT80 is ready for modern process monitoring projects.

Datataker connects to any SCADA system with Modbus, one of the world's most commonly used industrial protocols.

Local and remote communications capability is included with USB, Ethernet and RS232 modem dial-in and dial-out functions.

The DT80 connects to local PCs, modems, LAN, WAN or even over the web.

It is the world's first data logger with USB Flash Drive support – allowing these low cost 'memory sticks' to unload and control or reprogram multiple loggers.

The DT80 is a robust, stand alone and low power device that adapts to data acquisition needs.

Up to five million data points are stored internally, with user control available for multiple data files, overwrite modes, alarm histories and automatically archived event records.

Universal analogue channels can automatically range based on the signal level. These channels are isolated and over voltage protected, providing reliable measurements in harsh conditions.

Supported measurement and sensor types include temperature, voltage, current, 4-20mA loops, resistance, bridges, strain gauges and frequency - in engineering units of a customer’s choice. Switchable excitation and triggering simplify wiring and installation.

Digital channels include 100Khz counters, input, output and phase encoders.

Other features include triggers for conditional or event logging and a latching relay output to control external devices.

Supporting 'Smart Serial' sensors, the DT80 has a RS242/485/422 serial sensor port for GPS, Scales, Gateways or other intelligent devices, plus SDI-12 environmental sensor network support. With this level of versatility, the DT80 is unmatched.

The DT80 will be displayed at Datataker’s Stand 2617 at National Manufacturing Week in Sydney at Darling Harbour, May 30 to June 2.

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