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Datataker’s DT800 data loggers used for monitoring earth moving equipment

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Today's heavy earth moving equipment includes some of the expensive vehicles in the construction industry. Their maintenance is critical, ensuring that the equipment is kept constantly operational and avoiding expensive downtime.

Datataker’s  DT800 data loggers are now used as part of the maintenance regime, checking oil pressures and temperatures in the gearbox and transmission.

The DataTaker DT800 data loggers were selected for this application as apart from their robustness and reliability as the equipment and its software is straightforward to use and flexible in application.

Using eight pressure and two temperature sensors, the system is used primarily in the test bed of the maintenance depot for checking and set up of the vehicle. The resultant data is then retained for future reference should any faults occur.

Such is the robustness of the DataTaker DT800 data loggers that the vehicle can be monitored while working and the two test results compared, under test conditions and actual service.

Any deviations affecting operation are then incorporated in the initial set up if required.

In this application, the vehicles operate in a harsh environment and the continual field monitoring enables the operators to obtain important data that can be logged and stored for a detailed and preventative maintenance programme.

Datataker and their official distributor Integrated Data Logging Solutions (IDLS), which supplied and maintains regular contact with the end user, provide good technical support, both during initial commissioning and after the equipment becomes operational.

Using the latest electronics and communication technology Datataker and IDLS can provide systems and solutions for all types of data acquisition applications.

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