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Datataker’s DT80 data logger used for identifying problem tracks

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article image 3D geographical data from the Datataker data logger

Datataker ’s DT80 data logger was recently used for solving complaints of train drivers in Australia. Train drivers frequently complained of the sideways movement of the train and to rectify this repair crews were sent. However the repair crews were unable to identify the problem track.

For this purpose a GPS was connected to the dataTaker CANgate. The CANgate was then connected to a Datataker DT80 data logger and a tri-axial sensor was connected to an analog channel. The GPS was placed on the roof of the train to give the current train position and the accelerometer would give the instantaneous train vertical and horizontal acceleration of the train at that position.

The results of the train tests were then converted to a Google Earth format for the purposes of plotting 3D geographical data from the Datataker data logger. Using the Google Earth plots the repair crews were easily able to identify the locations of these trouble spots and repair them.

This image shows captured data in 3D the blue line is the train speed, the white line indicated 100kph, the red line is the vertical acceleration, the green line is the horizontal acceleration and the purple line is the L (Lateral) on V (Vertical) ratio. The ratio is an indicator of the propensity of the train to derail.

Below the green horizontal acceleration line clearly visible are the areas where the drivers were concerned. When repair crews went on site it was a simple matter to identify exactly where the track problems were.

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