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Datataker DT505 available

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Customer requirements:

The oil company drills a horizontal well into an oil reserve that contains heavy crude oil.

Steam is injected into the well to lighten the oil and allow it to flow more easily. Another horizontal well is drilled below the first one to collect the oil and pump it to the surface.

In the area, there are also observation wells drilled. The client required information on the temperature of the underground structure to be brought to the surface regularly, both for efficiency and safety reasons.

If the steam is injected at too great a rate, the temperature and pressure underground will become too high and could cause a blowout. If the temperature is too low, then the oil recovery will not be efficient as it could be.


  • DataTaker DT505
  • 2 dataTaker channel expansion modules (CEM)
  • NEMA4 enclosure
  • Battery and solar power
  • Freewave radio modem


  • Thermocouples (long lengths)

Datataker solution:

  • The DataTaker DT505, with 2 CEMs is located at the top of the observation well, in a NEMA 4 enclosure
  • It is attached to the thermocouples that are down-hole at 30 points.

The DT505 is in a fully self-contained box, complete with battery and solar charging. The dataTaker transmits the data via a Freewave radio modem to the master unit that correlates the data from all the 15 observation wells.

To achieve optimum results, the user puts thermocouples down-hole at regular distances. The temperature is measured and the steam injection adjusted to meet parameters required for optimum oil pumping.

The reason why this solution is sought after are because the dataTaker is:

  • Low power, the areas are remote from power source and the cost of solar panels and battery for power for this system is low.
  • High isolation channel to channel, as thermocouples are in service down-hole for any length of time, generally a breakdown will occur reducing accuracy.
  • To minimise this signal conditioner with high isolation per channel will prevent incorrect readings.
  • Flexibility of data, the DT505 can provide the data in any format required for the end user and is easy to program to change data time frames or format.
  • Low cost, the complete system, when taking into account the power requirements, installation costs and programming costs is competitive.

Easy install, the system is provided completely pre-wired and configured, so all the field personnel have to do is connect the battery and the thermocouple leads and the dataTaker will begin reading the points and transmitting the information to a central computer through the Freewave radio network.

This solution is unique in which the thermocouples can be installed and data provided that same day. With the cost of oil, this information is valuable.

Other application:

  • Well head monitoring for coal seam gas recovery

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