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DT800 data loggers from Datataker

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Datataker  have introduced DT800 data loggers for registering various temperatures during washing cycles in dishwashing machines, which include washing, rinsing and drying temperatures. The DT800 data loggers can also record the resources of the operation such as water, cleaning, rinsing and drying time.

The speed of the cleaning arm and total cleaning time of the dishwashing machines is also recorded by the DT800 data loggers. The data provided by the DT800 data loggers is used to decide if the cleaned product is ready for re-use. With the alarm feature in the data loggers, users are made aware of any malfunction in any of the five dishwashers in a dishwashing lane.

The sensors featured with the DT800 data loggers from Datataker are PT100 sensors, 4-20mA converters, product counters, digital sensors and flow metres. Two DT800 data loggers and the DeLogger Pro software from Datataker are used to monitor dishwashing machines.

The data loggers are connected to the signals from sensors such as the PT100 with 4-20mA converters, product counters, flow metres, digital sensors and other performance indicators in the dishwashing machines. The users can view the actual condition of every dish washing machine on their PC using the DeLogger Pro software. It is possible to follow the different operational temperatures with the help of charts.

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