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Standalone modems and Access point modems from Dataplex

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Dataplex  is known for providing stand alone modems including voice grade modems and dial or leased lines and rack mounted modems and accessories. The standalone modems are ideal for low power and high temperature applications.

The DPX-213 is a leased and dial line modems that operates off power, normal mains, solar panels and batteries. These modems are compact and cost effective and are widely used for monitoring, remote communications and diagnostics applications. These modems consume less power and have a durable battery life.

The DPX-234 models are also available from Dataplex. These modems are provided with DES and Ethernet connection options. DPX-234 also known as Accesspro 34 is suitable for applications where reliable, fast and secure data transfer is required.

The Accesspro 34 modems are suitable for users who require access to the LAN over the dial up network. These modems are available with security callback and password protected access and Ethernet adaptor facilities for direct network connection.

Varieties of accessories such as plug pak and blanking panels for modem slots are also available from Dataplex.

DPX-325 Access point modems are provided as well by Dataplex. These modems are suitable for fax and data communication needs and controlling dial up communications. These Access point modems from Dataplex are commonly used in professional and commercial applications.

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