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Portable printers can now be remotely managed with Motorola’s mobility services Platform (MSP)

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Datamax-O'Neil   announced that its line of portable printers will be enabled to operate within Motorola’s Mobility Services Platform (MSP) environment, providing remote management capabilities to maximize uptime and utilization among mobile workers. Motorola’s MSP is a comprehensive enterprise mobility management solution that can control up to 100,000 mobile devices across an enterprise’s network around the world to help businesses realise the full benefits of mobility applications.

Datamax-O’Neil 802.11-equipped printers managed under an MSP environment can be remotely provisioned, monitored and managed to ensure optimal performance and maximize cost efficiencies. MSP also collects meaningful printer metrics, including available total physical memory and battery level. It also allows the updating of firmware,applications and security to meet the latest IT compliance policies.This provides a seamless and secure management architecture that is ideal in large networked environments that contain portable printers, handheld computers and other mobile devices.

In applications such as retail, transportation and logistics, warehouse and healthcare, this type of integrated and networked enterprise is increasingly becoming the standard operating environment. “As programs that improve mobile workforce efficiencies continue to return positive cashflow to businesses within a year, it has become more important than ever that issues and troubleshooting efforts are resolved quickly and effectively,” said Paul Lehmann,director of product management for Datamax-O’Neil. “Fortunately, portable printers operating on 802.11 managed with Motorola’s MSP, which already complement the mobility requirements of so many businesses, will offer even greater ROI through the enhanced efficiencies and reduced costs that MSP provides. The engineering teams from Datamax-O’Neil and Motorola collaborated to enable this hardware/software compatibility, and it is further evidence of the strength of their business alliance.”

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