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Secure encrypted data solutions from Data Master

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Data Master  specialises in providing a range of solutions to ensure the client’s software and hardware is protected against physical and digital theft. Data Master offers hardware security solutions such as supplying IP tracking services thus ensuring the safety of in house personal computers and laptops in case if it is stolen.

The IP tracking services from Data Master allow the equipment and valuable data to be recovered through the normal legal processes.

Data Master is also known for providing a range of software security solutions for various companies. Data Master provides a variety of secure data services thus ensuring that the client’s data cannot be accessed offsite.

Data Master offers encryption solutions thus protecting specified documents and backup files. These encryption solutions from Data Master prevent the user to utilise the unauthorized information copied.

The encryption solutions provided by Data Master ensure that the missing data and backup files cannot be used away from home base without accessing to an authorized security key.

Data Master specialises in providing a wide range of data recovery services and hire and asset tracking systems as well.

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