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Quick Link (QL & QLM) connectivity from Datalogic Automation

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article image Quick Link (QL & QLM) connectivity accessories from Datalogic
Datalogic Automation proudly announces the release of three additional new models to Quick Link series, QLM500, QLM600 and QLM700, and introduce new features into the Quick Link series to enhance strength robustness, functionality and flexibility.

The Quick Link (QL & QLM) connectivity accessories are active connectivity modules for Datalogic Automation Identification products (2000, 4000 and Matrix series), acting as gateway to Ethernet (QLM500), Profibus (QLM600) and Profinet (QLM700).

The availability of two fieldbus ports provide additional value to customers as it enables cascading devices without the need of any external active devices (like  Ethernet switches) or costly T-connectors (in case of Profibus).

Additional features and benefits of the three additional Quick Link connectivity accessories:
  • Plug-In connection
  • Serial-to-Ethernet TCP/IP,Ethernet IP, Modbus conversion with RJ45 connector
  • IP65,
  • Double Ethernet port (avoid external switches)
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Ethernet IP protocol
  • rugged metal
  • all M12 connectors
  • PROFIBUS double port
  • double PROFINET port(avoiding external switches) ;and
  • Back-up and Restore function (QLM500/600/700 and QL500).
Typical applications of the Quick Line connectivity models include automated warehousing systems such as conveyor sorting and Pick/Packing systems.

The models are also ideally suited to automated shop floor and general manufacturing such as items and parts tracking and process control and Packaging.

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