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New STS400 reading solution from Datalogic Automation for tyre tracking and traceability

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Datalogic Automation  presents an efficient identification solution for tyre manufacturers for the purpose of tracking and traceability of their tyres.  

Tyres get tracked at every step of the production process in logistics, WIP, quality control and compliance beginning with raw materials through tyre assembly, to the end-of-line sorting.    

While reading the barcode on tyres is critical, it can also be a difficult task as it calls for omni-directional reading of low aspect ratio codes, whose quality degenerates during the manufacturing process.  

If the correct scanning technology is not applied, it may result in loss of production efficiency, additional manual handling, and extra costs for compliance management.  

STS400 barcode readers are designed to effectively address the demanding requirements of tyre tracking and traceability.  

Key features of STS400 reading solution: 

  • Represents the perfect identification solution for industrial and truck tyres sorting
  • Extremely compact and self-contained in design
  • Delivers top reading performance in the production line with simplicity of installation and maintenance
  • Pre-assembled and calibrated solution speeds up integration into a tyre sorting system with no special tools or training  
  • Available in a dedicated version with extended reading coverage
  • Powerful integrated LT-020 illuminator allows the STS400 to maximise simplicity of integration and maintenance, guaranteeing long product lifecycle

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