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Green-Lase 4W and 10W laser sources and markers from Datalogic Automation

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article image Green-Lase 4W and 10W laser sources and markers
The Green-Lase 4W and 10W laser sources and markers available from Datalogic Automation operate on the V-Lase platform, using Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) in an intra-cavity architecture to maximise LBO non-linear crystal conversion efficiency.

The Green-Lase product series has been developed to satisfy the requirements of reference applications such as marking of plastic and thin film ablation as well as marking on silicon and semiconductors in automotive, electronics and solar industries.

The Green-Lase wavelength results in a lower ‘heat affected zone’ compared with an infrared laser. The laser source therefore, offers significant advantages in marking applications with materials such as plastics that do not interact with the original infrared wavelength as well as with semiconductors such as silicon.

Superior absorption coefficient in semiconductor material used in solar cells makes the Green-Lase laser sources ideal for photovoltaic applications.

V-Lase Platform

The V-Lase platform derives from the long experience in the production of high performance and high quality DPSS laser sources. The Green-Lase@532nm uses the state-of-the-art End Pumped Coupling Technology, which represents the leading-edge solution in the field of laser sources.

Characterised by a standard compact case, continuous and precise power control and low power consumption, the V-Lase platform features the proprietary end pumped architecture using a TE cooled diode laser pump with unmatched MTBF for assured reliability and availability of the system.

The V-Lase platform offers lasers with excellent beam quality, high peak power and short pulse width, enabling the operator to precisely tune the power and pulse repetition rate. Very high brilliance in the laser spot at longer focal lengths makes the V-Lase platform ideal for marking a broad range of materials, even with large marking fields.

Designed for very demanding 24/7 processes, the V-Lase platform offers top performance and is ideal for both direct part marking and label marking in every market segment including automotive, solar, electronics, packaging as well as in medical surgical tools marking and other applications.

The V-Lase platform significantly extends the possibility of connection between the laser source and the operating system. The communication with the system is enabled by RS232. The V-Lase platform also has an I/O for the connection of the TTL and analogue signals. Ethernet connection is available for monitoring.

Key features of Green-Lase laser sources and markers:

  • Easy integration and configuration
  • High reliability
  • Lower ‘heat affected zone’
  • Ideal solution for PCB marking
  • Excellent marking results on semiconductors and silicon, and on materials such as non-doped plastics not interacting with IR
  • State-of-the art laser marking kit including user-friendly marking software

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