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Datalogic improves miniature sensor background suppression

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Datalogic Automation  announces enhancements to its S3Z miniature sensors line.

The new S3Z background suppression models use technology that improves the black/white difference, allowing detection of darker objects almost at the same distance as more reflective objects.

The enhanced miniature sensors will have the same model coding but a different order number, with all new order numbers ending with 1, instead of 0.

S3Z miniature sensors: New Order No. (Old Order No.)

S3Z-PR-2-M01-NL: 95B010321 (95B010320)

S3Z-PR-2-M01-PL: 95B010331 (95B010330)

S3Z-PR-5-M01-NL: 95B010341 (95B010340)

S3Z-PR-5-M01-PL: 95B010351 (95B010350)

S3Z-PR-5-M01-PD: 95B010561 (95B010560)

The old and new models are still mechanically compatible, and do not require any changes to electrical connections.

Order processing will automatically change the final digit of the order number from 0 to 1 at stock run out for each model.

The switchover period is estimated for April 2014. In the event some models run out prior to April 2014, deliveries of new models will start in advance.

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