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Datalogic fast tracks logistics for DHL as it completes automated sorting installations at all Italian bases

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Global leader in automatic data capture and industrial automation, Datalogic Automation has completed an innovative installation of imager solutions at DHL Express Logistics’ new hub in Bologna, Italy.

With the latest installation, Datalogic has registered its presence in all of DHL’s bases in Italy, solidifying its dominant position in the transportation and logistics market. 

Following the successful installation of Datalogic technology at DHL’s major European hub based in Carpiano near Milan in 2012, the express service and logistics company has once again chosen Datalogic’s industrial high-end camera system, the NVS9000, equipped with powerful and innovative image acquisition and reading capabilities. 

Designed to dramatically improve the productivity of mail carriers and distribution centres, the NVS9000 vision system combines advanced image capture technology with exceptional reading performance, ease of integration and installation at a significantly lower operating cost.

Datalogic installed 15 NVS9000 cameras in different configurations on four reading stations in a sorting system provided by the system integrator Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company. The system includes multi-sided stations of five sides with six cameras on a sorter, multi-sided stations of six sides with one camera, a single-top for reading from above, as well as a single-bottom for reading from below.

Datalogic’s solution is integrated into the sorting system that distributes parcels and flyers arriving in Bologna from all destinations. These are then routed directly to the mail customers or forwarded to the local hub for a specific region in Italy. With the image-based solution at DHL Bologna, parcels and flyers running at a speed of 2.3 m/s are read per hour by a fast and autonomous system, reducing manual sorting and increasing throughput.

Through video-coding, ‘no read’ barcodes can be captured using imagery by system operators and historical records of the images can be maintained, adding controls in the case of queries or legal claims for lost or damaged parcels. The quality and ease of installation and replacement allow Datalogic to offer services such as HOT SWAP, a maintenance program for the timely replacement of any defective products within 24 hours of indication of failure, without costly machine downtime or system reset.

Datalogic’s customised package of services includes annual checkups for preventive maintenance, facilitated by the powerful Datalogic WebSentinel software that provides diagnostics, statistics and alerts activation e-mail anywhere and at any time.

Datalogic is strongly focused on its customers with the ability to offer everything from traditional laser barcode scanners to the latest generation imagers. 

Datalogic also combines its DS8100A/DX8200A laser scanning solutions for use in some of DHL's regional sorting centres, with the NVS9000 vision system installed in the industrial hubs of Carpiano and Bologna, ensuring process efficiency and precision in every situation.

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