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Custom tailored solutions integrate Impact software with user’s hardware

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PPT Vision’s custom-tailored solutions are designed to integrate their Impact software with the client’s hardware systems for greater flexibility and assured performance to application specifications.
PPT’s custom-tailored solutions support automotive, pharma, food and beverage, electronics and general manufacturing inspections.
The custom-tailored solutions are a collaborative approach with OEMs, machine builders, integrators and corporate vision teams to define advanced machine vision applications, providing the flexibility to integrate with large factory automation networks to maximise quality and productivity, and ensuring guaranteed inspection results.
The custom-tailored solution offers all the functionality of a PPT embedded vision system, with the same Impact VPM and CPM software and GigE vision cameras, while meeting the customer’s unique hardware requirements and performing against the specifications of the application.
PPT’s Impact Software Suite has the power and flexibility to drive and communicate with most popular hardware platforms and devices including PC-based platforms, network protocols such as Modbus, TPC/IP, Ethernet/IP and OPC as well as PLCs, robots, motion controllers and SCADA packages.
PPT Vision’s custom-tailored solutions are ideal for:
  • OEMs requiring a branded and unique solution
  • End-users with multiple inspection points across manufacturing lines that require conformance to corporate specifications
  • System integrators seeking to deploy a uniquely standardised solution to their markets
  • Machine builders who specialise in developing volume-based machine vision solutions
The development process begins with a thorough evaluation and understanding of needs, inspection requirements and operating systems to define the best means to integrate vision hardware and software for advanced applications such as vision-guided robotics, code reading (barcode, 2D, OCR), assembly and parts inspections or packaging.
Key features of PPT Vision’s custom-tailored solutions: 
  • Powerful, intuitive Impact software
  • High-resolution, GigE-compatible cameras for every inspection need
  • User selectable hardware platform
  • Robust list of protocols for non-vision components
  • Custom-tailored application programs
  • Extended warranty available on all PPT products and custom-tailored solutions
Key benefits of PPT Vision’s custom-tailored solutions:
  • Allows for unique system configuration not found in standard vision systems
  • Allows the end-user to standardise on specific hardware or conform to corporate specifications
  • Allows standardisation on powerful Impact software
  • Quick to develop and deploy applications with Impact Software’s VPM and CPM programs
  • Reduces implementation costs based on development time
  • Reduces inventory costs of stocking different hardware
  • Reduces training requirements due to common software
  • Allows for easy migration to PPT smart cameras where needed due to common software
  • Allows for greater range of processing power, as dictated by the customer
  • Allows for unique physical form factors and enclosures
  • Can be updated for latest Impact software features and releases
  • Flexibility to expand to PC platforms and growing industry standards
  • Excellent technical support and customer service delivered globally at the local level
PPT Vision is represented in Australia by Datalogic Automation .

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