Datalogic Australia News

Safety light curtains protecting every aspect of the production floor
30.03.2015 - Safety light curtains from Datalogic are designed for machine safeguarding and access control applications in dangerous industrial environments.
Datalogic releases new universal miniature photoelectric sensor
26.07.2014 - Datalogic Automation introduces the new S100 miniature photoelectric sensor series offering universal mounting and competitive pricing.
Datalogic partners with SMI to integrate sensors into packaging machines
22.07.2014 - Datalogic Automation has entered into a partnership with SMI Group for the integration of Datalogic sensors into SMI’s equipment.
Datalogic releases new ultrasonic sensor models
08.07.2014 - Datalogic Automation has introduced a new line of ultrasonic sensors featuring an M18 right angle mounting barrel housing as standard.
Datalogic achieves certifications in Australia and New Zealand for dimensioner
21.05.2014 - Datalogic Automation announces Australia NMI and New Zealand Weights and Measures certifications for its ultra high performance DM3610 dimensioners.
Datalogic fast tracks logistics for DHL as it completes automated sorting installations at all Italian bases
31.03.2014 - Datalogic Automation has completed an innovative installation of imager solutions at DHL Express Logistics’ new hub in Bologna, Italy.
Datalogic boosts efficiencies with 200 high speed barcode readers at major sports goods logistics hub in China
28.03.2014 - High speed barcode readers from Datalogic Automation were installed at the Chinese logistics centre of a major sports and apparel manufacturer.
Datalogic Flash: Datalogic tracks and identifies critical components for global electronics giant
27.03.2014 - Datalogic Automation is providing a flexible track and trace solution to a manufacturer of electronics products for traceability of electronics components.
Datalogic unveils its latest next gen machine vision software
25.03.2014 - Datalogic Automation announces the latest version of Impact, its industry-leading machine vision software package in a more powerful and flexible form.
Datalogic develops new advanced laser distance sensor
13.03.2014 - Datalogic Automation announces the launch of a new range of laser distance sensors based on Time of Flight technology.
Datalogic improves miniature sensor background suppression
13.03.2014 - Datalogic announces enhancements to its S3Z miniature sensors line.
Datalogic upgrades its industrial bar code readers
13.03.2014 - Datalogic introduces a new range of bar code readers designed for more cost-effectiveness and better performance in a compact form factor.
Datalogic releases new line of smart motion control encoders
25.11.2013 - Datalogic Automation introduces a new line of encoders for smart motion control in industrial automation applications.
MATRIX 450 industrial 2D readers from Datalogic Automation
02.11.2012 - Datalogic Automation presents a range of 2D imagers designed for transportation, logistics, distribution and retail applications.
Datalogic DS6300 high performance laser scanners
31.10.2012 - The DS6300 laser scanners from Datalogic Automation are designed to offer a complete and modular solution for reading performance, connectivity, ease of use and maintenance.
DS2400N compact laser scanners from Datalogic Automation
30.10.2012 - Datalogic Automation presents the DS2400N, a range of compact laser scanners designed to deliver greater profitability and productivity in common warehousing, shop floor and OEM applications.
UV-Lase Series laser sources from Datalogic Automation
29.10.2012 - Available from Datalogic Automation, the UV laser source based on the V-Lase platform features the mechanic optical architecture of Third Harmonic Generation (THG).
DS4800N compact laser scanners from Datalogic Automation
22.10.2012 - Datalogic Automation presents the DS4800 industrial laser scanners that combine flexibility and compact design to meet all application needs of production plants.
Fibre laser marking systems from Datalogic Automation
08.10.2012 - Datalogic Automation’s Arex family of fibre laser marking systems delivers high speed marking on metal and plastic material.
Datalogic Ulyxe laser markers
05.10.2012 - Datalogic Automation presents Ulyxe 6W@1064nm laser markers from the DPSS Active Q-Switched laser category.
Green-Lase 4W and 10W laser sources and markers from Datalogic Automation
26.09.2012 - The Green-Lase 4W and 10W laser sources and markers available from Datalogic Automation operate on the V-Lase platform, using Second Harmonic Generation (SHG).
AREX fibre laser marking systems from Datalogic Automation
11.09.2012 - Datalogic Automation presents the AREX family of fibre laser marking systems featuring compact design and advanced technology.
EOX CO2 laser marking systems from Datalogic Automation
31.08.2012 - Datalogic Automation presents the EOX CO2 laser marking systems for laser coding and marking applications.
Datalogic Automation announces two new M-Series processors
28.08.2012 - Datalogic Automation offers the M-Series embedded vision systems with two new processors to help address a broader range of customer needs.
Datalogic Automation releases DPM reading upgrade package for Matrix
27.08.2012 - Datalogic Automation introduces the Direct Part Marking (DPM) reading upgrade package for the Matrix line.
Datalogic Automation introduces S300 PA series MAXI photoelectric sensors
24.08.2012 - Datalogic Automation introduces the new S300 PA series of photoelectric sensors in a MAXI shape.
PPT Vision adds Image Averaging algorithm to the Image Math Tool in Version 10.6
03.07.2012 - Datalogic Automation presents a new software release from PPT Vision designed to reduce random image noise without sacrificing image quality.
STS400 bottom and hook chain reading solutions from Datalogic Automation for tyre sorting
02.07.2012 - Datalogic Automation introduces two new barcode reading solutions to its STS400 offering for bottom reading on conveyors and side reading on hook chain systems.
Quick Link (QL & QLM) connectivity from Datalogic Automation
05.06.2012 - Datalogic Automation announces the release of three additional new models to Quick Link series.
Datalogic Automation welcomes Donato Montanari
04.06.2012 - Datalogic Automation is pleased to announce that Donato Montanari has joined Datalogic as General Manager of the Machine Vision Business Unit.
Datalogic Automation exhibits at HISPACK 2012 in Barcelona
23.05.2012 - Datalogic Automation showcased their products at the HISPACK 2012 recently held in Barcelona.
Monitor AccuLazr AL5010 laser barcode scanners with iPad and Wi-Fi
22.05.2012 - AccuLazr AL5010 laser barcode scanners from Accu-Sort can now be monitored using an iPad/ iPhone and Wi-Fi connection.
Custom tailored solutions integrate Impact software with user’s hardware
21.05.2012 - PPT Vision’s custom-tailored solutions are designed to integrate their Impact software with the client’s hardware systems for greater flexibility.
Datalogic Automation’s DataVS2 vision sensors record excellent Q1 sales
18.05.2012 - The DataVS2 vision sensor series from Datalogic Automation has recorded excellent sales results in the first quarter of 2012.
Impact Software Version 10.4 packs more speed and features
17.05.2012 - PPT Vision has recently launched version 10.4 of its Impact software suite designed to support the new IP67 inspection cameras as well as a full line of nearly 100 GigE-compatible, high-performance ca
PPT Vision’s M-Series IP67 inspection cameras available from Datalogic Automation
16.05.2012 - Available from Datalogic Automation, PPT Vision’s M-Series now extends to a full line of IP67 cameras designed for inspections in harsh factory conditions.
Next Generation Vision Processor from Datalogic Automation
14.05.2012 - PPT Visions, a brand of Datalogic Automation, releases new MX80 vision processor
Datalogic Automation helps Continental Tire to enhance tire tracking
24.04.2012 - Continental choose Datalogic Automation as the new omnidirectional reading solution for tire identification provides high read rates.
The DataVS2 vision sensor series available from Datalogic Automation
23.04.2012 - The DataVS2 vision sensor series from Datalogic Automation provide the ideal solution for artificial machine vision applications.
Datalogic Automation offers stainless steel inductive sensors for food and pharma industries
23.02.2012 - Datalogic Automation introduces a new range of sensor models to complete the stainless steel inductive sensors family.
SG EXTENDED safety light curtains from Datalogic Automation deliver excellent safety
22.02.2012 - Datalogic Automation introduces the SG EXTENDED series to complete the SG family of safety light curtains.
Datalogic Automation introduces two new models to stainless steel inductive sensors family
08.02.2012 - With the introduction of two new models, Datalogic Automation completes its family of stainless steel inductive sensors designed specifically for the food and pharma segments.
MATRIX 450 2D imagers from Datalogic Automation for high reading performance
17.01.2012 - MATRIX 450 2D imagers from Datalogic Automation set a new benchmark in automatic traceability with a superior reading performance.
Rotterdam Hospital selects ID reader from Datalogic Automation for management of blood bags
16.01.2012 - Datalogic Automation has announced that Rotterdam Hospital has adopted its Matrix 410 image-based ID readers for the quick identification and registration of blood bags.
New STS400 reading solution from Datalogic Automation for tyre tracking and traceability
19.07.2011 - Datalogic Automation presents an efficient identification solution for tyre manufacturers for the purpose of tracking and traceability of their tyres.
S8 Inox sensors from Datalogic Automation in stainless steel housing
18.07.2011 - Datalogic Automation introduces their new range of sensors designed for contrast and transparent object detection in a stainless steel housing for the first time.
Matrix 210 2D reader available from Datalogic Automation
14.07.2011 - Datalogic Automation presents the Matrix 210 2D reader, a dynamic barcode system, with integrated ethernet, all in a compact size.
Datalogic Automation presents Vision Sensor Monitors
20.06.2011 - VSM (vision sensor monitor) is a range of monitoring devices compatible with all DataVS2 vision sensor models and designed to display elaborate images together with inspection results.
AREX ultra compact fiber laser for permanent marking available from Datalogic Automation
17.06.2011 - Now available from Datalogic Automation, AREX is an ultra compact fiber laser setting a new reference standard in the permanent marking arena.
Datalogic Automation released new barcode software features and tools for 8000 and 6000 family bar code readers and laser scanners.
10.06.2011 - 8000 and 6000 family barcode readers and laser scanners now have new barcode software features and installation tools available from Datalogic Automation.
DS4800 Subzero Oscillating Mirrors from Datalogic Automation
20.05.2011 - DS4800 Subzero oscillating mirrors available from Datalogic Automation are a new line of industrial laser scanners in the 4000 Series.
Datalogic Automation announces its new S8 Shiny photoelectric sensor
19.05.2011 - The new S8 Shiny photoelectric sensor from Datalogic Automation uses breakthrough technology to include background suppression
MATRIX 210 2D Imagers from Datalogic Automation
29.04.2011 - Datalogic Automation introduces a new range of ultra compact 2D imagers in the market.
Felp chooses Datalogic Automation vision sensors for production line quality inspections
27.04.2011 - A leading Italian manufacturer of customised assembling and testing systems has installed four DataVS2 vision sensors from Datalogic Automation to provide assembling verification on its production lines.
New LMS Laser Marking Source from Datalogic Automation
31.03.2011 - Datalogic Automation introduces the new LMS: Laser Marking Source.
New UV Markers from Datalogic Automation
17.03.2011 - Datalogic Automation is pleased to introduce the UV-Lase markers @355nm.
STS400 Tyre Identification System from Datalogic Automation
16.03.2011 - Datalogic Automation offers a technology-based solution to help tyre manufacturers with tracking and traceability of their tyre products.
New Vision Sensors from Datalogic Automation for Auto-ID Applications
14.03.2011 - Datalogic Automation introduces the new DataVS2 ID vision sensors to the DataVS2 series dedicated to auto-ID applications.
New CO2 Laser enters DLA Family of Laser Markers from Datalogic Automation
10.03.2011 - Datalogic Automation introduces the new EOX laser markers to their DLA family of high performance and high quality laser marking sources.
Ulyxe 6W@1064nm Laser Markers now available from Datalogic Automation
04.03.2011 - The Ulyxe laser markers combine compact dimension and design with Usb connection ease, as well as the user friendly Ulyxe Editor software.
New TC1200 Linear CCD Readers from Datalogic Automation
01.03.2011 - Datalogic Automation introduces their new range of linear CCD readers featuring a user-friendly HMI interface.
SG BODY safety light curtains from Datalogic Automation
02.02.2011 - Datalogic Automation has introduced the SG BODY, the new family of Datalogic Automation safety light curtains for body protection and access control.
MATRIX 410 2D imagers from Datalogic Automation
28.01.2011 - Datalogic Automation is pleased to announce the release of the MATRIX 410, the new 2D imager upgrading and replacing the MATRIX 400.
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