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article image The Heron barcode reader.

DATALOGIC has announced the release of the Heron, the latest in the series of handheld barcode readers released by Datalogic over the past 12 months.

The Heron combines exceptional reading capabilities with a bundled hands free stand, and an aesthetic design, making it suitable for any POS or desktop scanning application.

The new Heron has been developed by Datalogic to provide retailers with a high performance point of sale CCD reader, featuring an innovative design that simplifies data capture operations at the counter.

The Heron is a handheld reader and presentation scanner in one. It is based on the instinctive reading concept whereby codes can be read at a distance between near contact and 200mm.

It recognises standard linear barcodes and RSS at a rate of up to 256 scans per second, with a high, first pass reading rate.

The Heron is the first barcode reader, after the Gryphon series, to feature the Datalogic patented "green spot" for good-read feedback on the scanned code as well as a volume adjustable tone beeper.

For hands-free operation it comes with a practical stand that can be used also as a holder when the product is not in use. When the reader is placed correctly in the stand, a beep is emitted and the reader automatically switches to hands-free mode.

The green spot is permanently on to show users where to position the code under the reader for quicker and intuitive reading. When not in use, the reader remains in sleep mode and is only activated when a code is presented.

To respond to the various application needs in the retail market, the Heron offers full connectivity to a variety of interfaces (RS232, USB, wedge, wand), as well as connectivity to main IBM cash registers and POS terminals.

It can withstand daily use in standard operating environments and resists drops of up to 1.8 meters onto concrete surfaces.

The Heron is based on enhanced multi-standard architecture with built-in data formatting and editing for complete data management.

With Puzzle Solver technology from Datalogic, partial data from successive scans is collected and combined to obtain complete information, so that damaged or badly printed codes can be read.

The Heron is an attractive and innovative product that is lightweight, easy to handle and ergonomically shaped. It has been specially designed to reduce operator fatigue and simplify daily activities at a counter, making the Heron suitable for data capture operations in both retail and office environments.

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