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RF narrow band solution for mobile applications

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article image Everything needed in a wireless data capture system.

DATALOGIC's newly launched STAR-System is being marketed as a complete, and affordable, RF narrow band solution for mobile applications. It includes all the system components including RF data collection devices, RF base station and software tools.

Paul Spiteri, Datalogic Australia's managing director, said a sophisticated and efficient RF system had previously been price prohibitive to smaller or medium sized warehousing applications.

“Datalogic's STAR-System offers everything you need in a wireless data capture system at an incredible price/performance ratio."

STAR-System supports up to 2,000 RF data capture devices, including pocket-sized pen shaped and handheld wireless terminals, as well as gun shaped mobile devices.

Datalogic's Gryphon(and Dragon mobile readers are particularly suited to the STAR-System with their cordless mobility, rugged design and reading performance.

Other Datalogic products that complement the system include the F734 pocket terminal, the F725 handheld terminal, and the F660 pen terminal.

With STAR-System, a network of up to 16 Stargate RF base stations can be built, supported with STAR-System software for Windows which can be downloaded free from the Datalogic website www.datalogic.com.

The seamless active roaming capability of the system means physical obstacles such as concrete walls, firewalls or metal shelving present little or no problem.

The base station does not interfere with other RF equipment using the same frequency, due to the CSMA/CA (carrier sense multiple access/collision avoidance) access protocol type.

A single Stargate base covers an area of about 8,000m2 outdoors and is suitable for applications such as goods shipping/receiving, inventory, picking, warehouse management, shop floor, access control and order management.

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