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article image Reads damaged and skewed barcodes.

DATALOGIC has released the DS2100A series of laser bar code scanners.

The scanner has been developed based on the DS2100 series, with improvements to meet market requirements in OEM, and industrial and materials handling. New features include the advanced code builder (ACB) software function to decode bar codes that are partially damaged or unreadable due to a high tilt angle.

Scanning speed has been improved to 500-800 scans a second for the standard models, and 800-1000 scans a second for the Testarossa models. The Testarossa models also offers ambient light immunity.

The scan rate combined with the ACB software helps the DS2100A read and decode codes on targets that move at irregular speeds and are not always perfectly aligned or with high quality barcodes. The DS2100A to read barcodes that are skewed up to 45°.

All models are equipped with an RS232 auxiliary port and a main port, which can be selected by means of software commands as RS232 or RS485. The motor can be switched on and off by software commands to increase product life.

The system can be installed with direct or 90° reading window positions. It is suitable for data collection applications on packaging machines, sorting on small conveyors, automatic picking systems, process control, document handling, and labelling machines.

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