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article image Easy to install in areas with space constraints.

THE new Datalogic DS1500 industrial laser scanner offers compact dimensions and excellent reading performance. It's a miniature laser scanner but it's built for 'big league' OEM applications.

The DS1500 offers a combination of extremely compact dimensions and powerful high speed-reading capabilities.

It's a scanner particularly suitable for integration in automatic machinery, such as in chemical and biomedical analysis machines, automated tape libraries, pharmaceutical packaging machines, and document handling machines.

The miniature size of the DS1500 makes it easy to install in areas with space constraints, plus the scanner also has IP65 rugged industrial housing to ensure performance in demanding automatic machinery.

The DS1500 scanner operates at a speed of up to 1200 scans per second. This high scan rate increases the number of code scans on the same code and improves reading effectiveness, which is particularly useful in difficult and fast reading conditions.

Datalogic has equipped the DS1500 with a new test-operating mode with bar-graph to make it even easier to install and configure. This test mode is activated by means of a push-button on the outer case of the scanner and the LED bar-graph shows the reading percentage in real-time.

This means that there is no need to connect the scanner to an external PC to monitor the performance. This feature also simplifies re-positioning of the scanner during product changeovers in automated machinery.

The DS1500 is also equipped with embedded ACB (Advanced Code Builder) reconstruction software algorithm for consistent decoding of damaged or misapplied labels.

The scanner motor can be switched on and off by software command, which is a useful feature in low throughput applications or when the machine sits idle for long periods.

The DS1500 has a RS232/485 serial link which is selectable via software, offering a double serial standard option while keeping the number of models to a minimum.

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