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Fixed-position laser barcode reader

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article image Datalogic’s DS6300 barcode reader.

THE Datalogic DS6300 industrial fixed position barcode reader is specifically designed for the manufacturing market. It is the first high performance laser scanner from a complete range of industrial barcode readers offering an innovative and modular solution for better reading performance, connectivity and maintenance.

The scanner also features a completely new hardware and software platform. It is a suitable solution for a wide range of manufacturing applications both in the factory floor and the warehouse.

The DS6300 laser scanner has been specifically designed for simple installation, easy use and flexibility. An innovative mechanical design and the Datalogic patent pending Step-a-Head feature allow the reader head and the decoder base to rotate independently from each other.

Step-a-Head enables the DS6300 to always be installed in the ideal position, by modifying the orientation of the connector panel while leaving the laser window in the desired position.

The need for space is minimised and installation is easier. The compact dimensions of this reader, 113 x 110 x 99mm, make installation simple.

The DS6300 has an innovative "2-step" optic assembly for mechanically adjustable focusing, providing the scanner with a particularly large reading range of 250mm to 2 metres.

Its key features are excellent reading field at the minimum distance and outstanding reading performance on low contrast barcodes. These features are a benefit in applications such as reading barcodes directly printed on cardboard boxes.

The DS6300 can read all popular barcodes even in difficult conditions, thanks to a new generation decoder with StrongARM CPU and code reconstruction technology (ACR3).

This reader will soon also be offered in a model with a SW programmable oscillating mirror. Great attention has been given to built-in connectivity for all market standards.

The new GENIUS software configurator, which will be extended to all Datalogic products, enables easy scanner set-up.

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