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Compact and secure IT room systems

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article image The moduLAN 4001 IT room system.

COMPACT, secure and easily relocatable IT room systems, purpose-built for local area computer networking (LAN) equipment, are being introduced by TAB Datafile .

The latest moduLAN 4001 IT Room Systems accommodate all the hardware and peripherals of an entire LAN system within a lockable enclosure standing on a footprint smaller than many desks.

The new system -which is only 2400mm long, 900 or 1200mm deep and 2290mm high- clear up the messiness and lack of security of typical LAN systems, says TAB Datafile.

Instead of clutters of computer towers, screens and wiring spreading across entire rooms, the moduLAN systems concentrate into one secure and ergonomic area all of a LAN system's components as well as storage and ancillaries.

With multiple front doors opening through 180°, adjustable internal configurations and sliding rear service doors, moduLAN 4001 systems are designed to provide neat, professional environments that combine maximum inner dimensions with the smallest space requirements.

Internal flexibility is enhanced by easy, step-free adjustment, even with fully equipped 19-inch rack rails, says TAB Datafile.

This flexible arrangement simplifies initial installations and later additions of network components, as well as providing room for professional cabling.

The built-in cable management system creates an ordered structure for all data, communication and electrical cables, offering a tidy installation for improved safety.

Complete with its own large volume cabinets and perforated panels to provide excellent passive air circulation, the moduLAN system emulates the function of ventilated raised floors in dedicated computer rooms.

The built-in ventilation often saves the need for expensive permanent ventilation systems. Optional raised mounting supports also solve the problem of raised floors in IT centres and minimise problems associated with static and location.

Available with electronic or conventional locks, the units are easily positioned remotely from security and pollution threats in commercial buildings and industrial plants.

The compact size of the moduLAN system is a security asset in itself, because it concentrates all components into a smaller area, which is easier to make secure than a sea of computer screens spread across multiple desks in many areas.

The new enclosed moduLAN 4001 (which complements TAB's existing moduLAN 3001 open system) is a totally modular design to which components can be added and changed. Like the 3001, it provides a "living" technical furniture system, which grows and adapts to users' changing needs.

Multiple moduLAN installations - incorporating lockable service lanes or open moduLAN 3001 systems - can be linked to provide expandability for growth and for CAD planning.

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