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Poultry care system from Data Acquisition Networks

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There are many problems associated with the monitoring and control of temperatures within poultry sheds which are well known.

Data Acquisition Networks commenced a joint farmer / industry program to develop a specific poultry farm shed monitoring product.

Feedback from the industry has indicated the need to be able to inform growers of temperature monitoring updates not only if a high temperature alarm occurs, but also when the alarm condition resets.

Farmers that were consulted are keen to record shed temperatures and humidity and use this data to improve their yields.

Data Acquisition Networks (DAN) design and manufacture a range of wireless data acquisition products that allows growers to gain knowledge and updates of the temperature conditions within their poultry sheds.

This enables them to receive e-mail and short message service (SMS) alarms on mobile telephones in the event of instances where shed temperatures may rise due to mains power failure causing ventilation fans to stop.

It also has the benefit of data logging (recording) this information for future reference. Other parameters such as water supply pressure, mains electricity, and the successful changeover to standby power generation if the former fails, are variables that the poultry farmer needs be aware of in trying conditions.

The Data Acquisition Networks poultry care system is an electronic recording device with an in-built GSM mobile telephone modem.

The product is configured (programming not required) via the DAN website. All that is required to configure and retrieve data is a personal computer (PC) with web access and a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

No special software or dedicated communications circuits need to be installed or maintained. Data from the DAN website can easily be stored for long-term archiving or further analysis to enable improved farm performance.

Alarm and alarm reset messages can be sent up to five e-mail addresses and up to five mobile telephones via SMS.

Each message can be user scripted to indicate the exact nature of the alarm condition, and all data (about parameters) can be downloaded to your mobile phone remotely allowing you to monitor shed conditions wherever you are in the world, at any time, and on demand.

For example, if a farmer is away from the farm and an alarm condition occurs, an SMS would be received detailing the nature of the alarm. This provides the farmer with enough information to make a decision to return to the farm or not.

In addition, the farmer may obtain instantaneous data from the DAN poultry care system. If the shed returns the normal the DAN poultry care system will notify the farmer via SMS that the alarm condition is over.

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