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New pipe-mounted probes from Data Acquisition Networks

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New pipe-mounted probes coupled with wireless transmitters and receivers have enabled customers of Data Acquisition Networks to benefit from a more practical approach to remote data logging.

Data loggers using pipe-mounted probes coupled with data loggers that transmit data to a website have a number of functional benefits.

Pipe mounted probes enable data logging to occur in open places with less likelihood of vandalism as probes are visually concealed

Data logging using concealed, pipe-mounted probes enable the use of wireless transmitters than can relay data over a distance of up to 3km

Wireless transmission of data enables multiple locations to be monitored through one data logger

The DAN DM01 data logger transmits data over the mobile phone network to a secure website where customers are able to retrieve the data through password access

Data logging solutions from Data Acquisition Networks (DAN) are made up of site hardware PLUS a hosted and managed website

Data logging can be low cost and easy to use. All that is required to achieve these outcomes is some innovative thinking and design. Because Data Acquisition Networks is not tied into conventional thinking and large inventories of older generation data logging equipment which it then has to sell, it is able to offer suitable data logging solution for each and every application.

Data logging solutions provided by Data Acquisition Networks have a proven track record of success.

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