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Data Acquisition Networks on Data logging

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Data logging is necessary in a variety of industrial, commercial and environmental circumstances. Sometimes data logging is undertaken to simply store data for historical reference whereas in other instances data logging leads to analysis and improved performance.

Always, data logging provides information for important decisions. As such the timeliness, accuracy and real-time access to data is critical. Data logging equipment supplied by Data Acquisition Networks (DAN) leads the field in design, reliability, features, functionality, cost and importantly accessibility.

Data logging using DAN equipment is currently practiced in environmental monitoring, effluent management, farm monitoring, estuarine monitoring, factories and in aquaculture just to mention a few.

The benefits of using DAN equipment for data logging are self evident in applications where reliability, accessibility and cost are important determinants in the selection of data logging equipment. DAN data logging equipment has the following features, many of which are unique to the DAN data logging system:

  • DAN data logging equipment communicates directly with a website –Data collected by DAN data logging equipment does not need to be retrieved from the field nor is it necessary to do one ‘dump’ of data daily. DAN data logging equipment continually polls the inputs and can be set up to report at 5-minute, 15-minute, hourly or whatever reporting interval is required
  • The power of the website enables DAN data to be presented in the form it is required – The DAN website takes inputs and calculates or determines the information you need to know so it is available in the form you want, when you want it
  • You can contact your DAN data logging equipment from anywhere in the world and receive instantaneous data - Just telephone your DAN unit from anywhere in the world and within seconds it will send to your mobile phone the data
  • DAN data logging equipment transmits data over the mobile telephone network and by satellite - Not only do DAN data loggers communicate in a variety of ways but because of their design and functionality the cost never gets out of control
  • DAN data logging equipment send alarms to mobile phone and to PC’s - You designates the alarm condition, you script the message and you tell the website which numbers and which email addresses and DAN does the rest
  • DAN data logging equipment can work with conventional pager alarms where required - If you need a ‘belts and braces’ approach or you are just used to pager systems then DAN data loggers can meet your needs
  • DAN can collect data wirelessly – DAN systems can be set up to wirelessly transmit data on a site for transmission by the DAN data logger to the website
  • DAN data logging equipment is easy to use – Set-up and ongoing operation takes only low to moderate PC skills
  • DAN data logging equipment allows you to determine user privileges – You are always in control of who can access data
  • With a DAN data logging equipment there is no software to buy or maintain – New updates are on the website for your use when you login
  • DAN data logging equipment can be solar powered with built-in battery back-up – No need to worry about ‘mains’ power or power failures
  • DAN data logging equipment provides DATA SECURITY – Once your data is at the website no-one can tamper with it
  • DAN data logging equipment is inexpensive to buy and inexpensive to operate – All the features you want at a competitive cost

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