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Data Acquisition Networks (DAN) supplies salinity monitoring equipment

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Data Acquisition Networks has buoy-mounted equipment located in harsh and remote environmental conditions that is capable of routinely transmitting data.

When DAN started monitoring estuarine salinity it was clear that conventional equipment had severe limitations. In some circumstances data needed to be retrieved from a remote location, downloaded to a PC, saved to disk and sent away for processing.

Salinity is often measured by an equation that combines conductivity, temperature and depth and so the raw data does need some work done with it to reach the desired measurement.

The DM01 supplied by Data Acquisition Networks (DAN) when located in an estuary or in open-water, transmits data as often as the user requires to the DAN website via the mobile phone or satellite networks.

At the website the data is used to show salinity which is available to those who need by simply logging onto the internet and then connecting to danmonitoring website passwords to protect the privacy of data and data transferred to the DAN website can never be tampered with by those who may have reason to want to do so.

DAN units send alarms when alarm conditions are met and they also send reset alarms when conditions return to normal. DAN units are also capable of initiating site actions such as sampler starts, when particular conditions are recognised.

The DAN system is easy and cost effective to use. Differing website passwords can be allocated to different users enabling them to have differing levels of access to data.

Some can have access enabling users to change alarm conditions or to change reporting periods for example while others can simply have access to data.

The DAN website logs data and makes it available immediately to those who need to use it.

DAN is also able to provide instantaneous data over the mobile phone network to approved numbers by simply dialling a given number.

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