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Data Acquisition Networks (DAN) introduces a new data collection and monitoring system

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Data Acquisition Networks (DAN) has introduced an innovative and unique new data collection and monitoring system. This novel solution allows a single hardware unit to capture multiple channels of field data from virtually any type of sensor, transmitter or instrument, and make it available on a secure website.  

The field mounted hardware is packaged in a IP65 housing, and is able to operate for up to 60 hours on its internal 24V battery. Recharging is either continuous from a 240VAC mains adapter or via solar panels, where mains is not available. Data is continually captured from the inputs, with the minimum, maximum and average readings wirelessly transmitted to the master website at intervals set by the user.  

The website allows multilevel access, set by user name and password to view, download and analyse the tabulated readings. Every reading is date and time stamped and all changes are logged by the system. The hardware is configured, calibrated and alarm set points entered via the web interface. When readings fall outside of the entered set points, user scripted messages can be automatically sent via SMS and/or email to up to five individual mobile phone numbers and email addresses. Should the user require it, they can also access the data instantaneously from anywhere via their mobile phone. 

Being web based, users do not need to load and maintain additional software. Multiple licences are not required, as users can be added and deleted anytime, and data is available to users from any web enabled device. It is a truly low cost, easy to implement solution to remote collection, monitoring and control requirements, requiring minimal wiring and installation expertise. Recent upgrades to the web based software allows all users (new and existing) to graph tabulated results, set a time varying alarm profile and hierarchical mobile phone alarm messages.  

In addition to establishing an industry specific distributor network, DAN is also keen to hear from potential end-users on any application they feel the revolutionary new system could be used on.

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