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Digital Video optical TX and Passive CWDM-2 by Darkstar Communications

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Darkstar Communications  provides a range of broad cast and telecommunications products such as Digital Video optical TX, Digital Video optical RX, Passive CWDM-2 and Passive CWDM-4. Darkstar Communications is also engaged in offering customised design products in the broad cast and telecommunications market to fulfil the needs of the customers and various projects.

Darkstar Communications supplies Digital Video optical TX, which is a digital video transmitter available in 1, 2 or 4 channel versions. The module supports up to four optical transmitters operating on different wavelengths. Each module comes with a single transmitter that is optically combined using an external passive multiplexer for multichannel purposes. The web control ensures the behaviour upon loss of input, control over input to output routing and also enables efficient reclocking functions. The Digital Video Transmitter, supplied by Darkstar Communications, is ideal for mixed data rate environments and for installations that may change in the future.

Passive CWDM-2, distributed by Darkstar Communications, enables simple operation and high reliability. Configured for two channel uni-directional or bi-directional operation, Passive CWDM-2 fits the all 3RU and 220 millimetre Eurocard frames. Passive CWDM-2 is available with a protective cast to protect optical fibres. Darkstar Communications offers Passive CWDM-2 that can be used with Passive CWDM-4 massive multiplexer or demultiplexer to facilitate with additional channels or bidirectional link.

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