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Advanced broad cast and telecommunication products from Darkstar Communications

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Darkstar Communications  is a provider of broadcast and telecommunications solutions. Darkstar Communications specialises in supplying and designing a wide range of advanced products including Digital Video DA, Digital Audio DA, Digital Video DA + ADC, Digital Audio DA + DAC, Triple passive splitter for the broad cast and telecommunications industry. Darkstar Communications provides customer focused solutions and support by providing the broad cast and telecommunications products. The products offered by Darkstar Communications are ideal for small and large projects.

Darkstar Communications presents Digital Video DA, an amplifier that supports the SDI and ASI signals. This amplifier helps in detecting the input rate and configuring the appropriate output rate. The front panel or web control provides control over input to output routing and enables reclocking functions. The Digital Video DA, catered by Darkstar Communications, is available with input failure switching and 2X2 cross point.

The Digital Video DA, supplied by Darkstar Communications, is an amplifier for AES3 digital audio formats. The DA is capable of audio processing including pair swapping, channel attenuation, phase shifting and muting and test tone insertion. Detection and alarm routines such as silence and audio level are possible. Darkstar Communications supplies Digital Video DA that consists of front panel stereo headphone and internal test tone generator.

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