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Daps Australia offers Watercooled EC Engine Dynamometers

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Daps Australia  offers a wide range of dynamometers including Watercooled AC Emission Dynamometers, Climatic Chamber Dynamometers, Watercooled EC Engine Dynamometers and precision AC emission motorcycle dynamometers. Daps Australia supplies and manufactures an extensive range of test systems including dynamometers and automotive test systems, SPC software, quality control systems and vision measurement systems. DAPS Australia is also involved in building customised systems for miscellaneous specifications.

Daps Australia provides Watercooled AC Emission Dynamometers which enables continuous and accurate testing of vehicles. The Watercooled AC Emission Dynamometer provides silent operation and this dynamometer from Daps Australia is apt for assessing light, medium and heavy vehicles.

Climatic Chamber Dynamometers from Daps Australia are designed to enable reliable vehicle testing during all climates. Featured with weatherproof coating for components, Climatic Chamber Dynamometers eliminate temperature transfer between the dynamometer and test cells ensuring faultless operation.

Daps Australia’s Watercooled EC Engine Dynamometer enables easy operation, thereby makes testing easy. The capacity of a standard dynamometer from DAP Australia ranges from 35 kilo watt to 3000 kilo watt. A range of Watercooled EC Engine Dynamometer with various capacities is available to provide accurate assessment and development for all types of modern engines. The multi channel rapid computer system enables quick acquisition of data.

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