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Value-added solutions for milk products

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article image Added value and novelty.

DANISCO is a leading supplier of integrated emulsifier and stabiliser solutions for fresh, ESL, UHT, and recombined dairy and soymilk beverages.

Danisco offers a wide range of RECODAN products offering many advantages such as optimised ingredient synergy, providing good cost-in-use; improved emulsion stability and reduced fat separation; improved creaminess and mouthfeel; and prevention of sedimentation of cocoa powder in chocolate milk and insoluble calcium in fortified milk

All RECODAN products feature dust free technology, are free flowing, and can be added directly to liquid milk.

In addition to standard liquid dairy and soy products, Danisco has developed specific RECODAN solutions for novel products, including RECODAN RS 4950-T for formulated and fortified breakfast drinks and RECODAN RS 5286-T for fresh milk thickshakes.

These products deliver unique textures, allowing manufacturers to leverage the added value and novelty they provide to the final product.

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