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GUAR has long been recognised as an efficient texturant for food applications and increasingly it's high naturally occurring dietary fibre level has attracted further interest in its inclusion in foods.

Too often though, the benefits from this fibre content cannot be realised, as too much viscosity is generated, or intrinsic beany flavours manifest themselves.

Danisco , as a basic producer of guar products, has developed the Meyprodor range of tailored and purified guars that offer varying levels of viscosity coupled with clean flavour. This enables formulation at levels not possible before and enable guar to be used to enrich the soluble fibre content of a wide range of foodstuffs.

The Meyprodor range consists of Meyprodor 5, 30, 50, 100, 300 and 400, which provide a range of viscosity and hydration rates, with the higher number indicating a higher viscosity.

The range is produced through tailoring the molecular weight range of each grade yet without interfering with useful features such as the interaction with Danisco Xanthan.

Meyprodor 5 boasts 59% fibre, almost all of which is soluble fibre. It provides low viscosity solutions (a 10% solution being around 1000cps in contrast to conventional guar where a 1% solution can yield 5000cps) and bland flavour.

Meyprodor 5 yields almost instantaneous viscosity with a very rapid hydration rate. It gives solutions with very clean mouthfeel and is useful in formulating beverages (in which it shows some emulsifying properties), bread and fine bakery products, and also in meats for syneresis control.

Meyprodor 5 is suitable for fibre enriched and low glycaemic index (GI) foods.

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